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Alice Dunn

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Name: Mrs. Alice Dunn

Room: 153



I am grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas. I went to the military out of high school. I decided to go back to school to teach in 2009. I received my AA degree in The Art of Teaching Elementary Education in December of 2010 from Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas. From there, my family moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma so that I could attend Oklahoma State University where I received my BS degree for Elementary Education in May of 2013. I taught 5th grade in Oklahoma City Public Schools for the 2013-14 school year. I then transferred to Putnam City Public Schools in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and taught 5th grade. After that, we made the decision to move to Omaha, NE where I began teaching here at Belvedere. I taught 5th grade for the 15-16 school year and then moved to 2nd grade for the 16-17 and 17-18 school year and I am very excited to be back in 5th grade! I received my MS in Instructional Technology through Sam Houston State University in May of 2017.

I am married with three children. My husband works for BNSF Railway. My son, Daniel, is 17 and a senior. Kylee is 12, and in the sixth grade. Emma is 9, and in the fourth grade. We enjoy traveling, camping, and being outdoors.


Associate of Arts in the Art of Teaching Elementary Education     December 2010

Bachelor of Science in Teaching Elementary Education                  May 2013

Master of Science in Instructional Technology                                  May 2017


   8:45   -    9:00        Breakfast/Bell Work

   9:00  -    9:10         Community Circle

   9:10   -   10:05        Math Whole Group

  10:05  -   10:30        Math Small Group

  10:30  -   11:00        Writer’s Workshop

  11:00  -   11:50          Specials

                   1/6           Library 2/ Counselor        

                   2/7           Music                              

     3/8           PE                                    

                  4/9          Library                    

                 5/10           Art

  11:50  - 12:05            Handwriting

  12:05  - 12:35            Lunch/Recess

  12:35   -  1:25            Reading Whole Group

    1:25   -  2:45          Reading Small Group

    2:45  -  3:00          Recess

    3:00  -  3:20          NSCAS Interventions

    3:20   -  4:00         Science/Social Studies