Mr. Jean-Baptiste
Belvedere Elementary
3775 Curtis Avenue
Omaha, NE  68111




I am Mr. Jean-Baptiste and I am pleased to serve the Belvedere community as the principal. Belvedere has a great history. Everywhere I have gone in Omaha there is a proud Belvedere alumni. Students, families and community have a great deal of pride and fond memories of Belvedere Elementary. Bobcat Nation is definitely recognized throughout Omaha.

The focus this year will be on Discipline, Instruction and Collaboration. Discipline begins with teaching students what is expected of them. We are working diligently to develop students that demonstrate positive behavior and have the ability to make good choices. We are also working with our teachers on utilizing best instructional practices. Best instructional practices will help to maximize the talents of our teaching staff and provide more effective teaching practices. Finally, collaboration will be key for all stakeholders. Collectively we will determine what is in the best interest of Belvedere students socially, emotionally and academically.

Belvedere has a lot to offer in the way of programs, support services and personnel. Belvedere has a Social Worker, an on site School Therapist, School Based Health Center and afterschool enrichment CLC program. All of these services and individuals are here to meet your needs. Together, we will build upon the history and pride that has made Belvedere great. I am proud to be a member of the one and only Bobcat Nation. 

Go Bobcats!