EXCELSIn 1994, the Omaha Public Schools began using the EXCELS process, an accreditation model, focused on student achievement and participation in school and learning. This model, outlined by the North Central Association and organized by Omaha Public Schools staff, is used as a basis for state accreditation of schools. Schools complete a series of steps in this process that lead to the implementation of a Strategic Plan. The plan for each school focuses on not more than five important learning goals developed by staff at each school. This document is the Strategic Plan for Belvedere Academy.

Planning at Belvedere Academy was led by the School Planning Council which included representatives from the school staff, parents, community members at large, and representatives from business.

The pencil on the left represents our EXCELS areas of concentration.

Our Mission

Belvedere Elementary will empower students for the future. Success will be achieved within a positive learning environment through:

  • Relationships with students, families, staff, and community
  • High expectations
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Current research-based teaching strategies
  • Advanced technology

We are committed to preparing students for life.